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  • About is a public platform for information, topics and questions around open source and offers basic knowledge as well as examples on applications.

    Based on the cooperation with »JoinUp«, an initiative by the European Commission, you are able to search through an extensive data base with European organizations, initiatives and projects.

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    Take advantage of the platform to draw attention to your project. Just add all the relevant information at propose a project. After an editorial review your project will be listed on and can be found via the search function.

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    Information and news from and about open source software.

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    The Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS and the competence center public IT (ÖFIT) host the berliOS platform to support the use and acceptance of open source software.

    Further, the competence center public IT (ÖFIT), funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, develops strategies for the use of open source solutions as part of an overall federal infrastructure and is also active in EU projects.



    Fraunhofer FOKUS